Thoughts from Fr. Ron

Having returned to St. Richard’s on September 15, 2015, after an absence of several years, it has been a pleasure to be part of a vibrant, healthy community  responding to God’s word through outreach and involvement in the Arrowhead community.  We will soon be working on some new outreach programs as soon as the Retreat Center refurbishment is completed.

Hopefully I will have the opportunity to meet with each household to get to know each of you on both a professional and personal basis. Scheduled meetings will be set up in the near future to accomplish this goal.

Some have asked for background information (education, work history, etc.) so they might get to know something about “Fr. Ron”.  So here is a brief bio-sketch:

Raised as a Roman Catholic, I was ordained a priest in 1968, completed my PhD/Psychology in 1969 and spent the four years of my RC priesthood in seminary education/administration.  After leaving the RC priesthood, I spent 35 years as an Administrator: Superior Court of California.  After retirement and being received as an Episcopalian here at St. Richard’s, I was received as an Episcopal priest.  I currently serve the diocese on the Commission on Ministry, which processes candidates for the deaconate and priesthood.   As the famous closing line in Disney cartoon s says “That’ all folks!”Fr. Ron Pic

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