Prayer is a central and foundational practice of piety for the community at St. Richard’s. We regularly gather to pray both communally, as part of our worship life, and individually as a practice of personal piety to deepen our relationship with God.

Prayer & Meditation Spaces at St. Richard’s


The Labyrinth

The labyrinth is a tool to use in contemplative prayer and meditation.

Walking the labyrinth clears the mind and gives us insight into our spiritual journeys. The labyrinth does nothing on its own. It is simply a tool helpful for many people in deepening their prayer lives.

Each walk into and out of the labyrinth is a unique opportunity to meet our creative, loving God through contemplative prayer. Click Here for more information.

481337_10152693795307560_8169830948409193629_nMcWhirter Memorial Garden

A place of peace, contemplation, and remembrance.

Amid tranquil, mountain landscaping, this quarter-acre site provides both a beautiful final resting place and a peaceful meditation garden for visitors. Within the lovely, bricked central area, interments are in unmarked, undesignated locations, and engraved pavers with name and birth/death years are placed in the circle.  Click here for more information.

10645175_10152693794762560_3967293346739262359_nMeditation Garden

Seasonal beauty, quiet serenity and a deep sense of the presence of God.

On the Rim of the World, overlooking the Santa Anna river valley with views of the ocean on the clearest days, the St. Richard’s Meditation Garden is a beautiful place for quiet contemplation and prayer.


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