Outreach Committee Newsletter September

Greetings from the Outreach Committee!
Thank you all for your donations of pasta and sauces for our food drive in June and July. For the months of August and September we will be collecting back to school lunch box friendly items such as protein granola bars, pudding cups, fruit cups, fruit leather, fruit gummies, crackers and individual drink pouches.
Our donations for 2018 were as followers: $100 Episcopal Relief Fund, $70 to all the following: Meals on Wheels, Hearts and Lives, Boys and Girls Club, Mountains Homeless Coalition, Water Charity and the PLUR Way non-profit which means peace, love, unity , respect located in Crestline. This organization are volunteers who go to RAVES and offer support to youth. They have water, sunscreen as well as rendered aid to girls that are at risk of being kidnapped for the sex slave industry.

Thank you for all your contributions. Everyone is invited to attend our meetings. We welcome you. We will not be having a meeting in August. Our next meeting is Sunday, September 2 at 9am between the two services.
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