Outreach Committee Newsletter July

July Newsletter
Our U. T. O. drive began Sunday, June 25th.  Pick up your boxes today and the first four Sundays in July.  Our ingathering will be on Sunday, July 30th.  The United Thank Offering grants are awarded for new projects that address human needs and help alleviate poverty, both domestically and internationally.  Save your Change.  Changes changes lives.  Checks should be made out to St. Richard’s Episcopal Church with UTO in the detail line.  Boxes and envelopes are in the hall.
In June, some of the members of the Outreach committee participated in a peaceful march in downtown San Bernardino in support of the members of Muslim Community Center.  This march took place on June 10, the same day that there was an anti-Muslim demonstration at the offices of the San Bernardino Behavioral Health Center,  the site of the terrorist attack in 2015.  We were met with great kindness and gratitude for our support.  In the near future we hope to initiate a more personal connection with our Muslim neighbors.
We are asking you to support for the Crestline Food Pantry this month  with donations of pasta, parmesan and pasta sauces.  Watch for our announcements in the pink sheet and this newsletter regarding the suggested donation each month.
Members of the Outreach Committee are working with the Mountain Homeless Coalition (which was generated as an offshoot of our Outreach Committee) to improve the conditions of our homeless neighbors.  In June, through generous donations, we have provided $320 in scrip cards to Hearts and Lives, provided new socks and tee shirts to clients of Hearts and Lives and Operation Provider, and found a bicycle for a homeless man.  Our current projects include seeking funding to provide backpacks for the homeless children in our school district (At the close of school there were 132 homeless children recorded by the district.)
In July 29th at the Lake Arrowhead Presbyterian Church from 2 to 4, the Mountain Homeless Coalition will sponsor a community meeting with County of San Bernardino representatives from the Interagency Council on Homelessness.   Our hope is to inform the mountain residents about the services available for our homeless and provide time for feedback from residents to county officials.  Our goal is to improve services for our homeless neighbors.
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