Outreach Committee Newsletter August

August Newsletter


Our U. T. O. drive ran through month of July.  The in-gathering will be Sunday, July 30.  We are excited to collect and count our checks and change and will report back to you about our donation total next month.


In the month of August, we are asking you to support for the Crestline Food Pantry with chili and soups, although any donation that you make will be appreciated.


Having been alerted that the Crestline Food Pantry has been running low on food and other necessities, the Outreach Committee allocated $100 to be spent on food for the Crestline Food Pantry.  Thank you to Iris Walters for shopping and for delivering the groceries to the food pantry.  In addition, we voted to send $100 to the Mountain Homeless Coalition to be spent on snacks for the homeless and near homeless students of Rim of the World schools.


Members of the Outreach Committee working with the Mountain Homeless Coalition (which was generated as an offshoot of our Outreach Committee) continue to work to improve the conditions of our homeless neighbors.  In July Mountain Sunrise Rotary gave $500 to provide backpacks for the students who are homeless or near homeless in our school district. (At the close of school there were 132 homeless children recorded by the district.)  The 30 bags of snacks, purchased with a donation from the Outreach Committee,will be delivered to the school district before the start of school.


The Mountain Homeless Summit, sponsored by the Mountain Homeless Coalition and the Department of Homeless Services of San Bernardino County, which took place on July 27, was a huge success.  The panel included representatives from the Department of Homeless Services and  the County Board of Education. The keynote speaker and MC was Philip Mangano, of the American Roundtable to Abolish Homelessness. Philip is one of the foremost experts in the country, having served as a consultant to Presidents George Bush and Barak Obama.  The purpose of the meeting was to inform the mountain residents about the services available for our homeless and provide time for questions and answers between residents to county officials regarding local concerns. The response to the event was very enthusiastic.


St. Richard’s yard sale preparation continues through the month of August, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Please consider volunteering and continue to bring your donations.
August 9, Rim Community Resource Network meets at 2 pm at the Boys and Girls Club,  Forest Shade Drive, Crestline.
August 22, Tuesday, Mountain Homeless Coalition Executive Committee meets at 6:30 in the parish hall.
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