News from the Priest February


Dear Friends in Christ,
The gospels for the Epiphany season describe Christ calling His apostles to a life of ministry and the gospels describe the joyous/ adventurous response to “Come follow me…”.
The same invitation extends down through the centuries to all of us.  We are invited to share in Christ’s mission-bring the joy of the “good news” to all we encounter.          Bringing the good news to all is the primary mission of our church and locally this is manifested through the presence and efforts at St. Richard’s here in our mountain community.  In order to accomplish this mission, the church depends on the congregation to supply talent, time, and treasure.  Our congregation has always been generous with all three types of support.   However, reflecting some changes in the congregation’s population, we are alerting everyone that our pledge drive has been under productive in meeting the financial support needed to meet the obligations of our mission.
Our Bishop’s Committee is working on a plan to meet this shortfall, but it is important that the entire congregation be aware of and participate in the plans being developed to insure that we continue to respond to Christ’s call “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.”
We thank all who have responded to the pledge drive and encourage as many as possible to contribute according to their ability.  The Bishop’s Committee will be meeting for a working “retreat” in February to address options to meet the current shortfall. Also we will keep you all informed by publishing the monthly financial status of the church.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Working together we can maintain the mission of St. Richard’s in the community!
Fr.  Ron.
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