News From The Priest February

Dear Friends in Christ, As we enter the month of February, a familiar site in store windows and stores in general greets our eyes—Valentine’s Day greeting cards, candies, etc.  People plan weddings, engagements, intimate dinners; children pass out Valentine’s Day cards at school.  The focus is on a celebration of “Love and Affection”.  However, given the current worldwide state of affairs and most recently our local aggressive advertising/attempted recruitment by the KKK, I think the “love” theme is deserving of extra emphasis.  In a way, it is the worldly view of the Great Commandment.  For us it is another imperative of our Baptismal Covenant.  A call to “witness”– to reflect to others the love of Christ among us.  Engaging in the eternal struggle of good versus evil—making the voice and message of Christ known in the market place, through our actions and example, through our willingness to stand up and support ethical principles, to take leadership in just causes, to fight corruption on all fronts for the betterment of the common good.  This is a “tall order” however the saints of today, the heroes of tomorrow can make it happen because your faith is grounded in Hope for a better world as we await the coming of the kingdom. Courage and blessings, Fr. Ron
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