News from the Priest April

Dear Friends in Christ, 

As we transition from March to April, from winter to spring, from the closing weeks of Lent to the Glory of Eastertide, let’s take a look at some ideas/events reflected in the life and ministry of Christ.
First of all the Resurrection changed everything-the course of history, the transition from BC to AD.

How did 12 peasant fishermen, tax collectors, farmers-how in the world did they multiply-12 followers of Jesus to one out of every three people on the planet identifying as Christians? The answer is the Resurrection! No other event has impacted the world so much as the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
All this impact has occurred in spite of the fact that Jesus never wrote a book, He never wrote anything down and yet there are more books written about Jesus than any other subject in the world. Jesus never composed a song, but there is more music written about Jesus than any other subject, bar none, in history. Jesus never drew any pictures or did any sculpture but more art has been made about Jesus than any other subject in history. Jesus never traveled more than 100 miles from where he was born, yet you can followers of Jesus in every nook and cranny of the planet. Why is this? The Resurrection birthed Christianity. The word gospel means good news. The reason Christianity spread is that it is literally “Good News” when you understand through the gift of Faith.

There are six notable themes that flow from the Redemptive Act of Christ:

            We can be free and forgiven by Jesus’ death.            Jesus defeated death so we do not have to fear it.            We get to have God’s spirit inside us.            God loves us unconditionally.            God has a greater purpose for our lives.            We can be certain of a future in heaven. 

Let us rejoice and be glad! 


Fr. Ron

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